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Jun 20

If you slammed Netroots (#NN11) attendees for experiencing a moment of relief…

and maybe enjoying a drink, a pub trivia game, yada yada, I want to explain something to you.

Some of the hardest working, hardest fighting balls out no right wing nut jubs spared protesters and bloggers are both drinks and thinkers. Something I’ve noticed for a couple decades.

Thus the success of the global Drinking Liberally group. Thus the exuberant response to local Madison groups like Democracy Addicts and Leftist Cocktail Party-both of which do weekly drinking nights out. 

This cheese did toss back a few beers at #NN11. That’s it. “A few”. I also got away from constantly staring at computers and I spoke to peeps from every coast, some of which are twitter friends I’d never met IRL.  I brainstormed with badgers present and former. I was able to expand on stories with people who’ve only had the chance to spend a little time in Wisconsin or none at all. Hell, I got to know new people.  I also had a chance to refocus on political issues that are *non-Wisconsin-focused* for hours at a time. You can not know how much of an immense relief this all was and how revitalizing it was to what I need to do.

I am exceedingly grateful for the opportunity and I plan to attend Netroots in Rhode Island in 2012. Where my team will enjoy beating your team’s ass in pub trivia. 


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